Edith Kollath

Edith Kollath (1977) works as a mixed media artist on questions of the visualization of uncertain states and their social and theoretical contexts.

Kollath creates a manifold universe of aesthetic transformations that stimulate reflection: a cloth falls again and again and yet differently every time; an artificially generated cloud emerges and vanishes; breathing books tell a new story of their own. Kollath is aware of the hubris implicit in making human breath the quintessence of her art: she encroaches on a prerogative of the gods. The resulting works are of compelling minimalist elegance and calm eloquence exploring different states of uncertainty, vagueness and transition.

Behind the scenes of Edith Kollath's work, Munken Works, Berlin 2013

Edith Kollath "Breathing Papers", 2013

LATEST NEWS: TAPE DRAWINGS by Edith Kollath at Drawing Room Art Fair
Calle de Velázquez 12, 28001 Madrid
22. – 26. February 2017, 12:00 – 21:30 (Sunday 12:00 – 18:30)


In her series of tape drawings – developed continuously since 2010 with the technique of taping (tesa® tape on black paper) – Kollath creates illusory states of luminescence and motion in endless black space. The overlapping tape surfaces seem to move transparently over each other creating precise geometrical light patterns. In her latest works (2016/2017) Kollath focuses on methods of fractography (study of the fracture surfaces of brittle materials). In her precise way of composing Kollath depicts various states of decomposition, instability and inconstancy. The perfection of geometrical structures shifts toward substraction and deconstruction. The new abstract structures of tape permeabilities create an optical illusion (trompe-l’œil) of a real crack in the glass surface, an illusion of a perfectly broken image.


En su serie de dibujos de cinta adhesiva - desarrollado continuamente desde 2010 con la técnica de cubrir (cinta adhesiva tesa ® sobre papel negro) - Kollath crea sobre el interminable espacio negro, estados ilusorios de luminiscencia y movimiento. Las superficies de cintas adhesivas superpuestas, parecen moverse de forma transparente una sobre otra, creando, con precisión, patrones de luz geométricos. En sus últimas obras (2016/2017), Kollath se centra en el método de la fractografía (estudio de las superficies fracturadas de materiales frágiles). En su precisa forma de composición, Kollath representa varios estados de descomposición, inestabilidad e inconstancia. La perfección de estructuras geométricas, desplaza hacia la sustracción y la deconstrucción. Las nuevas estructuras abstractas de cintas adhesivas permeables, crean una ilusión óptica (trampantojo) de una grieta real en la superficie del vidrio, una ilusión de una imagen perfectamente rota.

Selected works

Thinking I'd last forever (breathing books), 2008 – ongoing

2011 the project was awarded a recognition award in ABoT – Artists' Books on Tour: Artist Competition and Mobile Museum program of MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna.